• These functionalities are not generally enabled for agency users.
  • To allow Travel Agencies to change or cancel a booked itinerary in the agency centre, the feature needs to be enabled in Settings. 

If you are a Tour Operator and want to activate this feature, please get in touch with our support team here

Steps to Cancel or Change a Booking 

  • Go to Customer Itineraries 
  • Search for the itinerary which should be cancelled 
  • Click on the three dots to view all itinerary options 
  • Click on Cancel or Start Booking Change 

Please Note:

The two options will be only displayed for itineraries that have the status Confirmed by Supplier. 


Cancel a Booking

  • Click on the Cancel Booking option
    • A confirmation pop-up will be displayed.


  • Click on Cancel to confirm, and if successful a confirmation message will be displayed.


The itinerary status will be changed from Confirmed by Supplier to Cancellation Completed. Use the Filter by Status to find the cancelled itinerary. 



Start Booking Change

  • Click on Start Booking Change
    • The itinerary planner will be opened, and you'll be able to perform the desired changes.


Please Note:

As a travel agent, you will not be able to proceed and book the itinerary with the new changes. You must contact your Tour Operator to revise the changes and book it. 

When you click the actions menu, there is a short lag time on the list of actions, and the loading of the start booking change option takes longer than the other options. We’ve had reports that the start booking change action isn’t available, but you just need to wait a couple more seconds for it to load.

If the travel dates are in the past - the start booking change action does not appear on the Agent Dashboard.


Edit/View Booking Change 

Scenario: When a booking change has been started but not booked yet. 

There are many scenarios where you might want to re-enter a booking change when the status of the itinerary is Change Initiated before you ask your Tour Operator or Sales Support team to book the changes. 


You now have two new actions on the Agent Dashboard:

  • So once you've started a booking change but not confirmed it, you can look at both the original itinerary and also the alternative itinerary that you are making changes on.
  • One action is called Continue Booking Change, and the other is called View Original Itinerary.

Continue Booking Change

  • Using this action will take you into the planner view of the alternative itinerary that shows you the changes you have made with the option to view the summary of the alternative too. You are then free to make further booking changes in the planner to the alternative itinerary and request Sales Support/your Tour Operator confirm the changes when you’re ready.

View Original Itinerary

  • Using this action allows you to open the travel summary of the original itinerary. This allows you to look back at the booking before you made changes to it so you can now compare it to the alternative.


You also still have the option to click the pencil icon - the Edit button on the Agent Dashboard.

  • If you click this when the itinerary status is Change Initiated (meaning you’ve started a booking change but not confirmed it), then you’ll be taking into the planner view of the alternative itinerary.
  • If you click this when the booking change has completed or not yet started then it will open a view of the original itinerary.


Confirm Booking Change as Tour Operator

As soon as a change in the itinerary is performed by an Agent, an alternative itinerary will be displayed in Customer Care.

  • Click on Show alternative Itinerary in Cockpit to open the changed itinerary.


  • Click on the Actions button and Complete Booking Change.


Please Note:

After the Tour Operator completes the booking change, the Travel Agent must be informed. 



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