This article documents insights, use case coverage, and characteristics of Nezasa's Carnect connector. Carnect is a rental car provider. The connector integrates directly with Carnect's official API.

Supported Use Cases

Use Case Support Description
Search Offers Supported
Get Offer Details Supported
Availability Check Supported
Book Supported
Cancel Supported
Booking Change Not supported, a cancel/re-book needs to be performed.
Name Change Not supported, a cancel/re-book needs to be performed.
Reconciliation / Webhooks Not supported
Cancellation Policies via API Supported
Offer Terms & Conditions via API  Supported and shown on the Voucher

Pick-Up / Drop-Off City (not Airport)



Setting up new credentials

Setting up Carnect credentials does not require much previous information from Carnect than the Username and Password, which they need to provide you once your contracts are signed. 



There are no particular testing guidelines to start working with the Carnect connector. Nevertheless, please have in mind the below recommendations / common issues: 

  • If you have been provided with your Testing credentials for the Staging environment, please confirm with your Carnect Key Account Manager that a virtual credit card with unlimited credit is configured on your account. If there is not enough limit, you will not be able to perform test booking, and an error message will be displayed. 
  • Please make sure also to cancel test bookings on staging. 
  • If you are trying to perform bookings (both on Staging and Production) for any offer in the USA, please ensure that the address you introduced on the customer details matches the source market defined. Otherwise, the booking will fail.  



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