Commission File Error

When setting up a new connection with TravelgateX, an initial step by TravelgateX is necessary, which sometimes can generate problems when starting the development.

The Nezasa development team will detect the Commission file error after setting the new credentials you have provided.

Display of the Error

As said, the configuration on the TravelgateX Connection dashboard will look active. Unfortunately, when setting up the credentials on our TravelgateX environment and requesting an initial offer search, we will receive the below error:

Access XXXX has been discarded because we don't know if price is gross or net. 
Please, load your commission file in FTP

What does that it mean?

TravelgateX needs a CSV file loaded on the customer’s FTP for each supplier. Doing that, they will ensure that the rates requested to the external supplier and the ones you will be finally distributing on your instance are Net or Gross.

Which information is required? 

You will need to prepare a CSV file with the below information. Click to download CSV. 


Save it under the title Suppliercode_sequential_commission in CSV format.

How to upload the file?

TravelgateX will provide FTP access specific for each customer (Specific user/password and URL).

  • Once logged in, go to folder F0_Number → HotelX_Number and drag your file in there.
  • TravelgateX will need around 12h to process the file. The file name will change to SupplierCode_sequential_commission_processed.
  • If the file entails an error, the name will change to SupplierCode_sequential_commission_error.
  • You’ll need to review the information provided and upload it again until the title changes to the process.

In case you cannot fulfil that process, we suggest you contact your TravelGateX Key, Account Manager to get their direct assistance.

Also, find some content on the TravelgateX Knowledgebase here.  



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