Maps Settings

In the settings part of TripBuilder, your API key and other configuration can be defined. 

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Distribution Channels
  • Click on your TripBuilder ID
  • Scroll down on the 3rd-Party Integrations Tab to Google Maps
    • Add your Google Maps API key 
      • Find more details on how to create one here
    • Define route rendering on maps (see below) 

Make sure to save all changes by hitting the Save button. 


TripBuilder uses GoogleMaps on various levels to display itinerary routes and the location of products.

Depending on the traffic a system experiences, this results in a higher number of impressions on the integrated GoogleMap APIs, resulting in higher commercials with Google.

To manage the impressions on the GoogleMap APIs, TripBuilder Admins can apply the following optimisations.

Render exact Routes on Thumbnail Maps & Enlarged Maps

By default, the exact route of an itinerary is shown in GoogleMaps on different levels of the itinerary.

  • Explore (Discovery Detail) 
  • Planner 
  • Embedded (IBE/Website) 

Via adding/removing the different tags, the route display on maps will be defined. 

The exact route display is enabled (left) and disabled (right). 


Replacing map with a static image in Templates

For itineraries, where a map does not add value to the user (City Breaks, Beach Vacations), it can be displayed with a static image. This image can be set on the templates picture tab. The set image will replace the Google Maps display on the discovery details page of the itinerary. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Google Maps - Why the route does not go along the street?

There are two reasons why the route may not go along the street, both are because the Google API doesn't provide the driving paths. Our implementation has a fallback for these cases and renders a straight line.

  • Reason 1 - No Driving Path
    Google API doesn't provide it. This can happen, for example, when the GPS coordinate of one of the points is in the middle of nowhere and Google Maps cannot find a driving path.
  • Reason 2 - Too Many Route Points
    The Google Maps API has a limit of route points, and if the number of points is higher, the Maps API will not provide any more detailed driving paths. When the Maps API doesn't return the route details, TripBuilder automatically falls back to rendering straight lines between the points. The current limit of the Maps API of waypoints is 10.



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