This article documents insights, use case coverage, and characteristics of Nezasa's Alamo connector. Alamo is a rental car provider. The connector integrates directly with Enterprise Holding's official API, allowing access to providers like Alamo, Enterprise and National. 

Supported Use Cases

Use Case Support Description
Search Offers Supported
Get Offer Details Supported
Availability Check Supported
Book Supported
Cancel Supported
Booking Change Cancel / Rebook is needed 
Name Change Cancel / Rebook is needed 
Reconciliation / Webhooks Not Supported
Cancellation Policies via API Not Supported
Offer Terms & Conditions via API Supported

Pick-Up / Drop-Off City (not Airport)



Setting up new credentials

The following information is required to be able to set up Alamo credentials within TripBuilder. 

  • Signed contract with Alamo
  • Your Company Short Name on Alamo: e.g. NZ
  • Your Company Code on Alamo: e.g., NEZXMLTEST
  • Contract IDs provided by Alamo.
    • Contract IDs are understood as rate plans that have been agreed by contract with Alamo. Each rate plan or ContractID is generated by country and vendor (Alamo; Enterprise; National).

Suppose you have agreed with Alamo only to distribute APAC products for Alamo and National vendors. Then specific codes for each country to be distributed in the APAC region per Vendor are required. 


Country Alamo National 
Australia  NZXXX01 NZYYY01
New Zealand NZXXX01 NZYYY01
Philippines NZXXX01 NZYYY01
Saipan NZXXX01 NZYYY01


Special equipment / Costs in destinations

Inclusions and exclusions of special equipment and costs are configured with your credentials by the Alamo IT departments. These conditions are based on your negotiated rate plan. 

Make sure to check these details with your Alamo Key, Account Manager.

Cancellation Policies

Cancellation policies are not shared via the API.

Our team must manually configure your contracted conditions when setting up your credentials. Please share the cancellation policy details and if they are generic or specific by country/vendor. 


Before start testing your newly added connection, please carefully read the below points: 


Alamo does not provide vouchers, which can be provided to the end customer. 

We are currently working on an improvement to generate vouchers with the booking information from Alamo within TripBuilder, which can be used as an alternative. The voucher will hold the information of the booking ID from Alamo and the customer details, which are required to pick up the rental car at the destination. 

Customers with Midoco integration can use the Midoco voucher with the Alamo component information. 


The supplier only shares the amenities and fees information via the API in English.




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