You can use accommodation ad-hoc components to add nights on hotels contracted outside the offer of TripBuilder (either inventory or live supply-based). 


Steps to add accommodation ad-hoc

  • Open an itinerary in Planner. 
  • Click on TO-Tools or TA-Tools.

  • Click on Ad-Hoc Components.

  • Click on + Add new Accommodation Ad-Hoc Component.


  • A new pop-up window opens.

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 12.11.13.png

  • The following accommodation fields are available for definition:

    • Name*

    • Stars
    • Stop*

      • Depending on your itinerary, this field can be automatically populated with the areas (and day references) as defined in the itinerary route (screenshot above).

    •  Check-in day/Check-out day*
    • Address*

      • The address from the hotel is either defined from Google Maps hints or by entering the address manually. In the latter case, the following fields are available:

        • Street
        • Post Code
        • City*
        • Country*


    • Description

    • Pictures from the hotel (not by room)
    • Room(s) and meal plan per room

    • Supplier

    • Net price/Sales Price*

    • Booking Status:
      • Open
      • On Request (RQ)
      • Booked (OK)
      • Cancelled
      • None (default value)

(*) Mandatory fields.


Once you've entered all details, click the Save button, resulting on:

  • The ad-hoc component is added to the itinerary.
  • The itinerary price is updated.
  • The accommodation component is visible in the Planner and Travel Documentation

Once created, the ad-hoc component can be changed/updated.


Update ad-hoc accommodation in Planner

You can update an ad-hoc component in Planner, on the same screen previously used for its creation, by clicking on the pencil icon.

Edit adhoc accommodation.png


Update ad-hoc accommodation in Customer Care

When an ad-hoc accommodation component is added to an itinerary, the component is shown under the Service & Price List of the Itinerary in Customer Care:

  • Go to Cockpit.

  • Click on Customer Care.

  • Click on the Itinerary ID.

  • Go to the Service & Price List page.

On this page, you can find the ad-hoc components and all the other live components of the itinerary (rental cars, flights, transport, accommodation, activities as examples) and their main descriptive fields. 

The accommodation ad-hoc component is displayed as any other component on the "Accommodations" list. A pencil icon on the right-hand side is available for its edition.

Edit adhoc accommodation in customer care.png


To apply changes to the component, click the edit icon, and a pop-up window opens:

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 12.23.24.png
By default, all fields are directly editable except for Net Price and Sales Price, where the edition is only available after clicking the Edit Price checkbox.
After editing, click the Save button.