The ad-hoc component feature allows adding offline contracted products to an itinerary while planning. Ad-hoc components are, as the name says, built ad-hoc in the planner for a specific itinerary and not reusable in other itineraries. To have reusable components Inventory Products are a better choice.

Example use cases for ad-hoc components: 

  • A specific product is unavailable via integrated supplier sources or created as an inventory product. Ad-hoc components allow adding the product quickly to the itinerary with its price. 
  • Important to note is that ad-hoc components are based on your own contracted, net prices with suppliers and still need to be booked and confirmed outside of the TripBuilder tooling.


The following ad-hoc component options are available via TO-Tools in Planner: 

Options  Description Article 


Ad-Hoc Component 

Use Generic Ad-Hoc Components to add services to the itinerary that aren't reflected in the standard offering (e.g., extra bed for a child, special surcharges, etc.).

Read more


Ad-Hoc Component 

Allows adding accommodation ad-hoc to an itinerary.  Read more

Rental Car 

Ad-Hoc Components 

Allows adding rental cars ad-hoc to an itinerary.  Read more

Stop Activity

Ad-hoc Component

Allows adding activities ad-hoc to an itinerary.  Read more
Ad-Hoc Transport / Flights  Allows adding flights ad-hoc to an itinerary. 

Read more about 



Import PNR Allows importing flight information from an external flight consolidator like AERTiCKET and SoftConeX.  Read more



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