Learn how to add rental cars to an itinerary ad-hoc while planning a trip!

Steps to add ad-hoc Rental Cars 

  • Click on TO-Tools
  • Click on Ad-Hoc Components
  • Click on +Add new Rental Car Ad-Hoc Component
  • A pop-up screen will open to enter the details 
    • Name
    • Pick-Up/Drop-Off Location
    • Vehicle Type
    • ACRISS
      • Code, Category, Car Type, Transmission, Fuel, AC
    • Passengers/Suitcases
    • Included/Excluded Items
    • Additional Information 
    • Supplier
    • Booking Status
    • Net/Sales Price 
  • Drag and drop or upload a picture of required


Once all details have been entered, hit Save.

The component will be added to the itinerary, the itinerary price will be updated, and the rental car will be shown in the Planner and on the Travel Documentation. 


The ad-hoc rental car component can be used to add rental cars and other rental transport types such as camper vans or motorbikes by entering the correct ACRISS codes. 



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