This article documents insights, use cases and characteristics of the Nezasa's Musement Connector. Musement is an activity supplier that offers a huge variety of tours and attractions worldwide by contracting end tours to local suppliers.

The direct integration between Musement and Nezasa will allow you to bring and sell the Musement portfolio to your end customers.

Supported Use Cases

Use Cases  Support  

Search Offers

Get Offer Details Supported
Availability Check Supported
Book Supported
Cancel Supported
Booking Change Supported
Name Change  Not Supported, a cancel/re-book needs to be performed. 
Reconciliation / Webhooks Supported
Cancellation Policies via API Supported

Setting up new Credentials 

After signing your collaboration contract with Musement, credentials will be provided by the supplier. They should provide testing credentials for their Sandbox environment and Production credentials. Both should be communicated to Nezasa’s Customer Support Team to enable the connection to your instance.

When confirming that the credentials have been correctly configured and that both environments are enabled, please bear in mind that the Sandbox environment from Musement is quite unstable and does not offer a huge variety of tours/activities to test the whole booking flow.


Please be aware of the following particularities in regards to testing:

On Request Bookings

On request, bookings are automatically confirmed via Webhook. As Musement works with third-party local suppliers, the confirmation might not be automatic. In case a component is kept on "On Request" status for more than 72h since the booking confirmation, please follow the below procedure:

  • Check on the Musement B2B Portal if the booking status is also “On Request”.
  • If it is, please contact the Musement Customer Support team to get the end supplier confirmation. It is common for certain tours (such as entrance tickets to Universal Studios in Hollywood to keep the booking in On Request status for more than 10 days).
  • If the tour is kept on a different status than “On Request”, please contact Nezasa’s Customer Support to analyse why the Webhook was not correctly processed.


Vouchers are directly issued by Musement. When having a booking in status Booked, check that the number of the vouchers available on the Travel Documentation is the same as the number of passengers booked on the itinerary. Please escalate it to Nezasa’s Customer Support Team if you detect any difference.



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