In the following article, we will present you with an overview of how the hotel search and results are affected by the different settings and rule options within TripBuilder.  


Hotel Search - General 

Generally speaking, this is the hotel search logic within TripBuilder. 
  • We take radius and coordinates and use them to do an internal search. We also filter by configured TravelgateX suppliers to not get hotels which are not available because of the absence of mappings.
  • We get up to 1000 first hotels from search results; if there are more than 1000;
  • We use these 1000 to request TGX for available offers.

Currently, no criteria are used to select one set of hotels rather than another set from 1000.

The general search can be controlled by the property sorting settings. Learn more about it here


Accommodation Search Filters

The accommodation search filters on the hotel overview screen allow you to filter the displayed hotel based on text search, start rating, source or similar. 

Find more about the accommodation search filter settings here



Area Settings

The hotel search starts with the set coordinates of an area. The search will be applied with the defined radius as mentioned above. 



The hotel search radius is set to 30km per default area. The radius can be individually adjusted for each area in the inventory. 

Find more information about area management within TripBuilder, here

Content Rules 

The Content Rule feature enables the delimitation of content by creating an individual rule set to determine the content of the accommodation. The hotel search results can be infused by setting specific content rules for accommodation.



Find more information about content rule setting within TripBuilder, here


Offline Offers

An additional offline offer toggle can be enabled for TO users for the hotel overview screen. The toggle allows displaying the hotel which is not available for the selected dates and number of pax in a room.


Please Note: 

The feature flag to enable the offline offer toggle is not yet revealed to customers and needs to be enabled by our Support Team. Get in touch for more details. 



Hotel Search List

The default search list sorting option can be determined within the setting. Find more information about it here.



Hotel Data Base 

In the inventory under product, you are able to find the overview of all mapped hotels within our database. If you are missing a hotel in the hotel search results, check if it's already mapped within our database. 




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