The following article will give you an overview of the flight search performed out of TripBuilder within the integrated supplier systems and how the search results can be influenced. 


GDS Flight Search 

Which GDS systems can be connected?

Within the TripBuilder system, different flight consolidators are integrated, such as AERTiCKET, SoftConEx and Kiwi.com. Find the overview of all supplier integrations here

Via AERTiCKET, SoftConEx, different GDS systems can be connected to TripBuilder. 


  • GDS connections: Amadeus, Saber, Travelport and Farelogix, Navitaire, as well as increasingly in Direct Connects. Find more details here


  • GDS Connections: Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan and Fairlogix. Find more details here


What happens if 2 GDS systems are connected via SoftConEx or AERTiCKET? Will duplicate offers be returned?

Yes. The same flight can and will be returned multiple times if found in different GDSs. For example, if  2 GDS systems are connected, and the same fare appears in both, we display both. 

However, this can be prevented with a set of content rules within the TripBuilder system. 

Find more information about content rule setting within TripBuilder, here


How does our duplicate fare filter work? Which fare is taken, the cheapest one?

The duplicate fare filter works by checking the airline designator, flight number and departure time for each leg in the segment and checking whether there are other flights with the exact match. This works because a given flight number for an airline is valid at only one point in time (the flight numbers can be reused, though). Our duplicate fare filter will take the cheapest one.


What content filters are available for flights within TripBuilder? 

The Content Rule feature enables the delimitation of content by creating an individual rule set to determine the content of the transportation/flights. The search results can be infused by setting specific content rules for transportation/flights.

The following rule definitions are currently available: 




Find more information about content rule setting within TripBuilder, here


What filters/rules do the consolidator offer?

Filter and rules can directly be applied within the consolidator connections. Please contact your dedicated account managers at AERTiCKET or SoftConEx for more details.  



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