This feature will allow Tour Operator users to define that the total price for non-refundable flights is included already within the down payment amount of the bookings. 


Down Payment - Incl. Non-Refundable Flights can be set for each distribution channel within the settings part of TripBuilder.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Distribution Channels
  • Click on your TripBuilder ID
  • Click on the Checkout Tab and scroll on Payments to Down Payment - Incl. Non-Refundable Flights 
  • Enable the feature and Save 



For the down payment to include the price of non-refundable flights, the following must apply:


  • The Down Payment option must be enabled in settings. 
  • The Down Payment - Incl. Non-Refundable Flights setting needs to be enabled, as explained above. 
  • The departure date should be after the configured down payment day threshold, otherwise, the full amount will be charged.
  • The itinerary must include at least one flight, which should be marked as non-refundable in the checkout re-availability check. To support this, the Non-Refundable Flights setting must be enabled. 


If the above pre-conditions apply, the down payment amount will include the sales price of all non-refundable flights and the configured down payment percentage will be applied to the remaining amount.

Consider as an example an itinerary with the following components and a down payment percentage configured as 30%:

Accommodations 500 EUR
Activities 200 EUR
Non-refundable Flights 300 EUR
Total 1000 EUR

The down payment amount would be computed as 300 EUR + 30% × 700 EUR = 510 EUR.


The down payment information will be submitted to Midoco whenever the flag Send Down Payment Amount is enabled in settings



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