Managing many multi-activities and creating modules and templates manually for those adds a lot of work and increases the maintenance of the content. 

The so-called companion templates and modules relieve content managers from those additional steps.

Please Note:

This is an advanced feature. Please contact Nezasa support to get it enabled for your setup.


What is a "Companion" Template/Module?

A companion template or module inherits all its information from a specific activity product of the Nezasa inventory and is generated by the system. The companion template/module has the following characteristics:

  • Template/Module Management
    • The companion template/module will be listed among the other templates/modules.
    • It cannot be edited by users, and thus not be checked out.
    • It contains as its core (and as only product), the activity product from which it inherits as well description, title, text, pictures, and tags. 
    • The start/end location of the template/module will be the ones of the activity product.
    • The companion template/module is automatically updated when the activity is updated.
  • Discovery
    • Companion templates will be listed here just like other regular templates.

  • Planner 
    • Companion modules can be selected as pre-/post-modules.


How to Enable the Companions for a Product Activity?

  • Go to the created inventory activity
  • Check out and open the product activity
  • Click in the Miscellaneous tab 
  • Scroll down to the option Companion Generation


  • Enable the option you need, then save and publish the product activity

Please note that it takes a moment until the system has generated the companion objects. Once the template is generated, you'll see it listed among the "referencing templates" on the same tab. 




Known Limitations

  • Companion modules cannot be imported into a template.
  • Removing an activity that has companion templates/modules is not possible.
  • Companion templates/modules don't have a from-price.



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