Control with this configuration the sorting of hotel properties in the system. This sorting is relevant for locations where the combined offering of all bed banks accumulates more than 1000 hotel properties. The system requests via TravelgateX the offers of up to 1000 hotels.

Therefore, the set of the initial 1000 hotels can be controlled by controlling the sorting.

Steps to change the accommodation property sorting in the Planner

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Distribution Channels
  • Click on your TripBuilder ID
  • Scroll down on the Planner Tab to Accommodation - Property Sorting 


Choose between the following configuration options: 

  • Geographical proximity to search centre

    • Sorts the first 1000 closest locations to the centre of the area. 
  • Hotel stars, decreasing

    • Sorts the first 1000 hotels from 5-stars down. 
  • Technical sort order (deprecated)


As a Tour operator with the underlying distribution channel, you want to make sure that all 4 and 5-star hotels available show in the initial search set. For places like Paris or New York, where several 1000 hotels may exist, sorting by hotel stars decreasing will make sure that the set of 1000 hotels will have those hotels in it.

Please Note: 

This sorting doesn’t affect the sorting in the UI itself.



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