How to add a Transport ad-hoc? (Marketplace edition)

Learn how to add flights, trains or buses to an itinerary ad-hoc while planning a trip

Steps to add ad-hoc Transports

  • Click in TO-Tools
  • Click on Ad-Hoc Components
  • Under Ad-Hoc Transports, click on Add Transport Ad-Hoc Components
  • Select the transport connection which you want to add ad-hoc
    • there is an arrow on the connection which reveal the input fields 
  • Enter the required transport information of the selected connection incl. the booking details 
    • the transportation type can be changed to either flight, bus or train 
    • via the + add transport leg link you are able to add more legs to the connection 

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  • Once all information are entered, click Save 
  • The entered ad-hoc transport is saved to your itinerary 
    • Click on the edit symbol on the transport to apply changes 
    • Or click on then bin symbol to delete the ad-hoc transport 

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  • Click on Add Transport Ad-Hoc Components, to add more ad-hoc transports 

Ad-Hoc Components can be used to add your own contracted supply to online created itineraries. They are an easy way to combine online and offline supply and allow you even more flexibility.


Please note: 

The feature ah-hoc transports is visible for customers with marketplace supply. 

Ad-hoc transport connections are based on the connection of your itinerary. The main transports you are able to add ad-hoc are the international flights (in-and outbound).

In the route builder you are able to change further connection to long-distance which than as well can be added as ad-hoc components.