How to add areas ad-hoc in the RouteBuilder?

Gain even more flexibility when building your route: Add areas ad-hoc

Ad-hoc areas will allow you to add any location into an itinerary while planning. This gives you even more flexibility to plan your routes exhaustively and to choose any locations as stops. Previously, only a subset of areas could be used in itineraries (Nezasa or Custom areas). Now, the world is your oyster!

By default, we favour known areas to add as stops, but with the advanced search functionality, you can retrieve any location recognised by Google. To set even more precise locations, you can pinpoint locations directly on the map and name them yourself.


Steps to add areas ad-hoc via "Add Stop": 

  • In the RouteBuilder click on Add Stop
  • Search for the desired area
  • If the area cannot be found, use the provided advanced search 
  • Add the area via Google 

Ad-Hoc Area - Search


Steps to add areas ad-hoc via "Map": 

  • Click on any location on the Map that you want to add as stop 
  • Type in the location name or select the suggestion from Google
  • Add the stop to your route

Ad-Hoc Area - Map

Note: This feature is enabled by default for Essential, Standard and Advanced customers. 

However all customers are able to enable or disable the feature in Settings. Learn how it works here