How to add Optional Service Charges for agency users?

Learn how an agent can add optional service charges to an itinerary

Optional Service Charges (OSC) are hidden fees which can be added by travel agents in planner to an itinerary. 

OSC are not visible to the traveler but are listed in Customer Care. The default implementation allows an arbitrary amount in the itinerary's currency to be added to or deducted from the itinerary using the TA-Tools (available to agency users only).


Steps to enter optional service charges 

  • When in planner, click on TA-Tools
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  • Add the amount which should be added or deducted from the booking 
    • If you you want to deduct a certain value from the booking use a "-" before the amount. 

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  • Click Save

After the OSC has been saved the display of the total price in the itinerary will be adjusted. In the overview of the itinerary in customer care the applied service charges will be listed under the Services & Price List tab. 

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