How to create a new user?

Learn how create a new user for your TripBuilder to give access to your co-workers

Depending on Nezasa Product Plan your are limited to a specific number of user within your TripBuilder. 

Essential  up to 5 users
Standard  up to 5 users
Advanced  up to 10 users
Premium  unlimited users 

Please be aware that only user with the profile Employee - Admin are able to create new users. 


Steps to create users: 

  • Go to Settings 
  • Click on Users on the left sight panel
  • Click the button Create User 
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  • Enter the Email address of the new user (*required) 
  • Enter First and Last Name of the new user 
  • Select the Profile 
  • Enter your Company Affiliation(*required) 
    • this is your Company ID
  • Click Save to create the new user

The created user will receive their permission via the entered email address. The email contains a direct link to the TripBuilder application to set a user password. 

Once the password has been set the new created user will be able to access TripBuilder. 

Please note: Email addresses cannot be adjusted afterwards. If the email address changes, a new user must be created.