How to enable/disable features under TA-Tools/TO-Tools?

Learn how to enable/disable features which are displayed under TA-Tools/TO-Tools


TA-Tools and TO-Tools are tools which are displayed in the planner of the TripBuilder system when they are enabled. These tools give further functionalities to different user segments. 

TO-Tools are Tour operator tools and are generally seen by all TO users or better admin users of the platform. 

Some of the Tools can be enabled for travel agents users as well, which are called TA-Tools. 

These are especially important for customers with a Travel Agency Management set up and allow to give travel agent users more functionalities. 

If your TripBuilder is setup without Travel Agency Management then the TA-Tools do not need to be enabled. 


Steps to enabled/disable TO-Tools: 

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Distribution Channels
  • Click on your TripBuilder ID
  • Click on the Planner tab
  • Enable/Disable the different features by checking the boxes 
  • Click Save

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The following table explain in more detail the different functions of the features. 

Option Description Article 
Itinerary Remarks 

The itinerary remark functionality will allow you to add remarks to the whole itinerary, a stop of the itinerary or any selected component of the itinerary. 

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Ad-hoc Components 

Ad-hoc components are a way to add an independent priced item to the itinerary. Currently available to add

  • Generic ad-hoc components
  • Ad-hoc activities 
  • Ad-hoc transports/flights 

Only Generic ad-hoc components are based at itinerary level and the rest of them will add to the dedicated stop of the itinerary. 

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Ad-hoc activities 

Ad-hoc Transport

Ad-hoc Flights 

Optional Service Charges OSC allow an agent to add an optional surcharge to the itinerary's price. The available surcharges can either be pre-defined or variable. Read more
Edit Customer 

This option will allow the customization of Customer Contact Details, which can be further used in the checkout process.

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Open Itinerary In Cockpit 

This option allows authorized users to open itineraries in Cockpit / Customer Care.

Create Template From Itinerary 

Enabling this option is basically the reverse of instantiating an itinerary based on a template. Allowing users to save an individual planed trip from scratch as a new template which can be re-used.

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Base Service 

This option will be available only for Users with Inventory access and allows to add Base Services which have been created in the inventory. 

Base Services are additional components, which have a fixed pricing for a set duration. They offer the option to shorten or to extend the duration of a service, subtracting or adding a specified amount from the fixed price.