How to manage allotments?

Learn how to manage allotments in your TripBuilder system for inventory products

Please Note: Allotments are first introduced for multi-day tours and transfers for all available means of transportation. 

Steps to add allotment to product type Transit Activity:

  • Go to Inventory 
  • Click on Transit Activities and select the desired Transit Activity

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  • Click on the button Allotment
  • Click on Add Service Category and select a service category
  • Add the allotment details to the corresponding service category
    • Name: Option field
    • Allotment Period: Singe date or season
    • Cut-Off Date/Days: Enter the release date or the days relative to the start date of the allotment period
    • Units: Enter the number of allotment units
    • Booked Units: Field can not be edited, it indicated the booked units of the allotment 
    • Status: Open or Closed

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  • A Service Category can have multiple allotment items, just simply click on Add Allotment to create another one
  • Click Save

Please Note: Allotments can be added to Amenities the same way as to the Service Categories.

On the Planner we do not show an Allotment status. With availability checks in place overbooking are prevented. In case the allotment units are not sufficient during the planning or checkout process a user message is shown. 

Feature Extension in Q1 2021

  • Worried about the release dates for your allotment? We have you covered! A system email will remind you about cut off dates so you won't miss the time window of the allotment release.
  • Report “Sell & Report”